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A hospital has a level of organizational complexity which makes it different from other production facilities and for this reason the system functionality must be carefully evaluated in order to develop a system that meets the needs of operation, flow and positions.


Medical Design & Technology specializes in the management of small and large health care and health facilities, and our staff is at your disposal to support you in organizing your work as needed.


Extensive experience in health management allows us to offer collaboration to the organization for start-up of new hospitals and the move from the old to the new hospital.


We design or we design assistance to wards high in complex medical equipment such as intensive care units, departments, operators, radiology and radiotherapy.

Our Products

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We design any type of accomplishments within healthcare facilities of all sizes, especially with regard to internal structures, to subdivisions of the premises and implementation of highly specialized departments and technology. In the design we create:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Functional design
  • Architectural design of layout
  • Design of adaptation technologies
  • Process documentation for accreditation
  • Project Management

Medical Design & Technology

Medical Design & Technology company established from a consolidated know-how in medical technologies, is aimed at all those bodies or firms that are engaged in the implementation or the management of a health complex, hospital of any size, or even of a health center to meet all the needs of design, construction, management and maintenance.

Not only theoretical training: business and professional practice in different areas and functions, make the experience of field with clients the determining factor when selecting products, contractual arrangements and management.


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